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I'm Elliot Laurence founder and director of


One thing that has always bothered me is when someone is teaching you how to do something and they really haven't done that particular thing themselves or they only did it once and it was a long time ago. And maybe they were not very good at it, so they teach.


A good example of this is someone who touts themselves as a success coach and have not actually succeeded at much of anything except graduating in a course that deems you  a "success coach."


This is absolutely not the case about myself.


When I show you how to be outrageously creative and use and expand your mind through holographic thinking, I am doing it because I have done it myself and still do it myself all the time. I don't need a course in success training. I educate because of things that I actually have been successful at. In fact, after my personal self realizations, I didn't speak about what I was experimenting with for 20 years, because I felt that I needed to be the words and walk the talk before I was sure of what I was doing.


I train people, not becuse this is the only thing I can do to make money, I can do many things from my professional experience. I have created becuse I am compelled to shrare a whole new way of thinking and make a real change in others and hopefully the world.


So do you want to be trained by someone who has actually been successful at things or someone that only has theoretical training about it?


I have found that anyone who does a particular thing regularly has discovered how to do it simply and I can show you how to discover the secret of doing just about anything in short order. That is why I have been able to do so many things well.


 I tell you all this not because I want to brag about myself, but because I want you all to know that I have discovered these secrets and I can show you how you too can do whatever you set your mind and heart to do and even do it better than me.


Leonardo da Vinci said: "It is a poor teacher, whos students don't surpass him." will train your mind to be able to discover many things on your own and be able to achieve what you want in your life, with different interests many times over. Not only that, but you will be able to increase your brain's capacity and your mind's visionary capabilities.


I can't make your heart desire something, but I can show you how to be successful and acheive what your heart does desire.



In addition to a conventional education and practice as an Architect and Planner, Elliot has studied Eastern and Western philosophies and psychology.


In his twenties, after he and a group of 12 other professionals searched the world for schools  of higher knowledge, Elliot  finally discovered some hidden esoteric ideas.


He spent many years practicing what he has learned, the first three years of which living in a secluded retreat, just  studying and applying its principles. He has studied, Martial Arts, Buddhism, Gurdjieff / Ouspensky, Sufism, Gnosticism, Kabala, Esoteric Christianity, The Egyptian Book of The Dead, the Tibetan Book Of the Dead, Lao Tzu / The I Ching and many others practices and rituals.


Elliot's multifaceted professional background has enabled him to synthesize what he has developed today for He is an architect, designer, inventor, musician, writer, artist, actor, director and teacher. He has won architectural design awards and has worked in the corporate world as CEO of five corporations. He has planned large, projects, including redesigning the Items Processing System for the Bank of America and planning a 1,500-acre destination resort in Northern California. He also provided the concepts for the interiors of three major casinos in Las Vegas.


Elliot has produced commercials and directed an improvisational theater in Las Vegas called "The Grand Order Of Fools (G.O.O.F. Theater). His music has appeared on a nationally syndicated radio show and he has taught improvisational comedy to members of the Las Vegas Screen Actors Guild.


In 1991 he received the Educator of the Year award for his teaching methods at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has published four previous books. The Creative Quotient (how to reach your full creative potential, Why Anything Anyway (The Unified Theory of Conscious Enlightenment), The Hitchhikers Guide to Enlightenment ( how to not get diverted from your conscious aim, by shiny stuff) and A 30 Day Economy Fix (revealing who is stopping the economy from recovering, by showing how it can quickly be fixed)


Through his experiences, Elliot learned how to adapt improvisation theater techniques to develop mind game exercises that can get people to expand their brain’s capabilities. As the founder and director of, he is now available to speak for groups and organizations and give workshops in the Mindmavericks training.



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