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Elliot captivated the audience right from the moment he started speaking. His talk had an amazing affect on everyone and his diverse knowledge was almost overwhelming. I only wish he had more books available right there at the conference for everyone who wanted one.

James Highgate
Director of Technology - Pennwell Events

Elliot was the most innovative and inspiring instructor at the Academy of Art University. He was elected Educator of the Year and his classes were always filled to capacity. He had helped to propel our department to being an national design award winner.

Shirley Goldberg
Co-Director of Interior design and Architecture
Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Thank you for the amazing speech before the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise.  You kept the entire audience spell bound with excellent tips on ways old dogs can learn new tricks!

John Grace
Speaker Chair, Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise

Elliot's talk at our business club at CSU Channel Islands showed us his amazing system of improving intelligence. Not only was it fun it was hysterically humorous. After he left we sat there and brainstormed ways to improve our club for another hour.  We were all feeling so inspired and didn't realize at first that it was because of Elliot's "games" we played! If you are having any sort of creative mental block Elliot's Mindmavericks can eliminate that right away.

Samantha Roberts
Director of Marketing MVS Business Club
CSU Channel Islands

WOW Elliot's Mindmavericks workshop really made me think!! I not only learned that there are different ways of thinking to expand my mind but I got to try a couple of different exercises. Being interactive with the group also showed how we can all worked together to have a group mindset.  His book,  In the Eye of Einstein, has shown me different levels of thinking in new ways, that have helped me creatively in many areas of my life. I highly recommend  his workshops and book, it will open your mind to different ways of thinking.

Kathleen Raulin
President - Folded Crane Graphics

Elliot’s workshops cause you to build new thinking patterns and excite your creative "out of the box" thinking. If you want to expand your brain, Elliot’s workshops are a fun, effective way and get results immediately.

Kristine Wells
Corporate efficiency and quality specialist

Elliot's workshops are invigorating and fun. Most of all, I felt that my brain was on fire and my mind had jumped a couple of notches to where I felt brilliant.  An extremely worthwhile experience.

Danielle Hunter
Concept Designer - Sherman Oaks, CA.

As co-owner of our company we are constantly looking for ways to promote our service. Elliot Laurence has expanding our vision and helped immensely to increased our business.

Richard Bublitz

Elliot Laurence has a bold innovative mind. He can get an immediate grasp of the needs of any business and think in ways you would not have imagined.

AJ Kahn
Executive Controller of the Ventura County Business Bureau

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