Sometimes I meet people that hear what I do with Mindmavericks and have a reaction that I couldn't imagine would happen. They think that what I am doing is mind control over them. I have to say this really took me off guard because Mindmavericks brain training is not only free of mind control, it teaches people how to be free of the mind control they are already under. I once had a so called mentor once that tried, and was successful with many others, to use the idea of being free of mind control, but replaced it with his own form of it.

The bottom line is that anytime you are asked to "Believe" anything, you are putting yourself under mind control. You might try a thing or two and experiment with it, but to out and out believe, you are doomed.

Hypnotherapists have told me that what I am doing is exactly what they do. But this could not be farther from the truth. Hypnotherapy is, first of all therapy, that I don't do and it uses a persons subconscious to evoke change in a person. Whether this is productive to another person or not, it is still using subconscious mind control to accomplish it. With training, the change that you make to yourself is not using subconscious at all. We use the conscious mind to bring into focus the things that are going on in yourself and any choices you make becomes a deliberate conscious choice and an awareness of the mechanism in you that changes it. You see, you cannot become and enlightened conscious being by fooling yourself into it through the subconscious. Now we do teach you how to become aware of a deeper inner mind, but this is through you getting directly in touch with it, understanding the taste of it and not eliciting it through some mysterious process, that requires someone else to evoke it over and over, depending on the level and complexity of your problems. A good example is overeating: In Hypnotherapy you need to be given subconscious suggestions to make a change. Now I am not saying that this does or does not work, but if there is a change it is due to a process that you are not aware of. As opposed to the approach, where you are able to step away from yourself, see yourself as others might see you and then make whatever choices you have to make to lose weight. Also, as far as those who are afraid of mind control: Mindmavericks shows you how you are already under mind control. How you think in a box, in formatory ways (form thinking). We show you how we are conditioned to see the universe in a limited span of energy sources and we show you how to tap into other creative energy wavelengths. We show you the mechanisms in yourself that are the source of your perceptions, not dupe you into believing something is true. It is like, and I have to say more than just "like," people are living under total mind control already as depicted in the movie "The Matrix." The irony is that when you begin to pull people out of it, they are so used to the illusion of this Matrix, that they fear the greater more objective reality is trying to control them, rather then actually rescue them.

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