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You may not know what "Normal" is, but you can know what it isn't or sub-normal.

The same thing is true for what is above or super-normal, but that takes a bit of training first.

The other thing is that, every person has moments of sub-normal and perhaps super-normal. The degree, frequency and duration of those deviations is what defines a persons character.

But if you want to have more super-normal moments, it is important to first be able to understand what is sub-normal in ourselves and others and not default to the politically correct position of saying: "What is Normal?"

One reason it is important to recognize and define these things is because there are people who represent themselves as gurus or mentors, that are mistaken for being super-normal, because of their unusual "OUT OF THE BOX" behavior, when in actuality they are sociopaths without a conscience and you default to thinking it is genius.

If you want to be able to recognize the difference between sub, normal and super, then Mindmavericks can help you to see this.


Because in our brain athletics, you have to speed up your natural brain, emotional and body reactions and this allows your truth to be expressed. When you do this, you feel free of self judgement, more energetic and you have your own experience of both normal and super-normal.

Normal and super-normal in this sense are related, in that, there is a certain kind of vibration you feel in yourself and others when you feel normal, but that same kind of vibration intensifies when you feel super-normal.

When you understand this vibration clearly, you will be able to sense when that vibration is off kilter in sub-normal behavior both in yourself and others, even though you may not have specific words to describe what is off, in that moment.

But even though almost everyone at sometime perceives different people to be weird or sub-normal, you also need to recognize in yourself, from what place in yourself are you evaluating this from?

I cannot know about every different training process that presently exists, that can bring you to that place, free of self judgement and experiencing super-normal, but I have experienced most popular methods and have found nothing that compares to what does.


For two reasons:

One. We are always looking and experiencing different methods and when we find one that is useful. we separate the useful parts from the baloney parts and include it into our program.

Two. When a person has profound painful experiences, they have a new ability to assess what is real and what isn't, when it comes to truth. I understand those experiences well and can speak to you with what we do at in a recognizable truthful way.

Of course this is all theory unless you have experienced one or more of our workshops. And, since you get your money back if we don't blow your minds, what do you have to lose by taking one?

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