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Think of a time you have been inspired about something or someone; you were selfless and were doing what needs to be done without ego trying to stake a claim. When you are in the state of inspiration, the “you” is not the body; “you” are a more alive conscious entity that is separate from your body observing the show called “your life.” Everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things. Some people do simple things extraordinarily and some do complex things extraordinarily. In any case, the key is that they love what they do and they are inspired to do it. Some of you may have talent; some have inspiration, yet others an overwhelming desire. Both talent and inspiration is like money you find on the street. It’s great when you find it, but you can't depend on it. It is better to have a strong desire and a method that can bridge the gaps between moments of inspiration and, in turn, compensate for lack of natural talent, until that next moment of inspiration strikes. You cannot give another person desire, but can show you how to leverage your desire for developing talent and success.

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