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A joke I often tell is:

"I went to a psychiatrist once and after listening to my life story, he told me that my childhood was fine, I was just having an abused adulthood." Then he overcharged me for the visit.

I tell that just before I tell this true story:

The other day I was at a party and some women tapped me from behind. When I turned around she said, "I'm sorry, it thought you were someone else." I responded by saying, "That funny cause that is what I say every morning when I look in the mirror."

So what is worse? Having a difficult childhood and preparing you for the difficulties of life or having a gentile shielded childhood and being smacked in the face with what life truly brings. Well both are neither true or not true from the standpoint of who you are and what you can do in your life. How many times have we seen people come from terrible childhood conditions and upbringing and turn around become a fantastic human being. How many times have we seen people grow up in wealthy or comfortable middle class families and turn out to be awful people or even mass murderers. STOP BLAMING YOUR PAST FOR WHO YOU ARE ! Take responsibility for who you are now. This is what your life journey is about. The fashioning of your mind body and souls is about what you do to transform your life and is what and who you really are. The same thing goes for being an attractive person or not. Some people get a free pass for a long time in their lives because they are very attractive and some have to work quite hard to get things in spite of their looks. There are others that are attractive and work hard too, but even with that, they will never know of the struggle of the unattractive person, unless they have some tragic accident, incident or health problem,(Not to wish that on anyone). Or, that they truly put themselves in a selfless giving position in the service of others. But in any case of all scenarios, the truly beautiful person who makes their live fulfilling for both themselves and others, is the true beauty and that is what you make for yourself, not how you are brought up or abused whether in childhood or adulthood.

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