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Are there Extraterrestrials walking among us? (Aside from UFOs and possibly little gray beings)

Well, from the standpoint of possibilities, yes, but from the standpoint of actual proof, this is what I hope to discuss.

(But before I get to far on this subject, I want to be clear that this is a subject to think about and is separate from what we teach at, but is the kind of thing that is possible to contemplate when you do learn how to think in new ways from what we teach at

So how is an Extraterrestrial defined. It a nut shell, it is a life from that is not from the planet Earth. But then you have to define what determines a life form to be a life form. Does a life form have to be flesh and blood or can it be an entity that can exist and thrive in a human host and also separate from a human host. In adiition, science has theories that the basic life building blocks that have manifested on Earth are not from Earth anyway.

(Side note: Basically religions themselves describe God as an entity that is not from Earth. This logically would have to be true since this God created the Earth. So with that in mind as religions define God, God is an Extraterrestrial.)

One thing that is for sure is that some people have more of a conscience than others. When it comes to those who commit atrocities, they are easy to spot and it is obvious that they are devoid of conscience.

But, there are many other people that are not as severe as a terrorist completely devoid of conscience and still lack some levels of conscience, except for what directly affects them, their close friends and / or family. As a matter of fact, this kind of lack of conscience is more the rule of humans rather than the exception.

Then there are those who seem to have so much conscience, that they can barely function in the world. It seems that these kinds of people have an actual extreme imbalance of the mechanism of conscience and it may not be conscience at all but an emotional self indulgence malfunction. This seems to be apparent in the fact that they are so emotionally distressed.

So here is an idea, a presently unverified theory, that is joked about but rarely looked at seriously:

For those few of you that read this and understand about having a balanced sense of conscience and have questioned whether these conscienceless people are possibly Aliens or Extraterrestrials, maybe you and I are the Extraterrestrials. Or, maybe we are all extraterrestrials that are inhabiting a human host and all of us are from different places in the universe inhabiting a temporary human host, for some great experiment that spans millions of years, for some unknown greater purpose.

If that were true and even if it isn't completely true, the only thing that seems truly worthwhile to do, is become more and more aware and conscious of the extraterrestrial entity that we are or however you choose to describe us and remember that possibility after we leave this body and have any choices to make after that point, and to make the best choices possible.

Ironically, this is the essence of what the Tibetan Book Of The Dead is about.

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