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We live in a time where there is a flood of people, that are total morons, have their lives made into TV shows, manipulated and exaggerated for entertainment purposes. As a result, they become rich and famous. If that wasn't bad enough, because they are rich and famous, they are made celebrities through interviews, tabloids and in short, virtually made into some kind of "Royalty Sage." Then you have many, many more moron followers that think that whatever they are doing is the road to success and try and imitate.

It is like someone in the middle of a city, looking up in the sky with intensity and another person looks up and another, until there is a whole crowd doing it. Next thing you know, even if the first person that was not even looking at anything in particular and was even just looking up to stretch their neck, find some people that come later start to imagine they see UFO.s (Not to say UFO.s don't exist). The media picks this up, sees it can make money by exploiting this and we are off to the races.

The even more sorry part is that the news makes a big story out of it and Rough Blister, I mean Wolf Blizer, makes a "Breaking News" flash out of it, spends 3 days looking at it from the man in the street, to the persons high school janitor that once saw the first person, who was looking up, throw a milk carton on the football field. Next thing you know they are a guest at the Academy awards, wearing a dress made out of woven milk cartons.

In the mean time some peasant in the crowd, in their spare time invented the cure for the common cold and is completely ignored because it would cut out the profits of the drug companies and CNN would lose its advertisers.

To make matters even worse, you have people that are in the "Movie Business" patting themselves on the back through a different award show every week, celebrity roast or Barbra Walters interview. They are looked up to being some kind of sage of great wisdom and the "mind sheep" that buy into this and are quoting them on Facebook left and right.

Is this the kind of world you want to continue to live in?

Not me and this is why I have started Read our book or other postings. Better yet, come to our workshops. I guarantee you, we will not dupe you with shallow entertainment. However you will be entertained, but by seeing the humorous truth in yourself and others in a warm accepting atmosphere

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