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At we promise to blow your mind. Are we serious about that?

Yes we are, very serious, but in humorous learning way.


OK here is what we are talking about:

When you go to the gym and want to build more muscle, you push yourself a little to the point of breaking down the specific muscle that you exercised. Then the next day you are sore and after a few days the muscle rebuilds itself and you are a bit stronger.The same thing is true when it come to stretching your brain. If you do the right kinds of brain exercises, it pushes your brain a little bit, then you rest and your brain gets a bit stronger and expansive.

Now generally, this happens with such things a memorizing or learning math. But when you do that, you are strengthening the left side of your brain and although you can eventually do amazing calculations, it doesn't mean you can creatively apply them to new ideas. To be able to apply it to new ideas or even create new ideas, requires not only the use of the left side of the brain, but the right creative side.

Not only that, you have to use both the left and right side simultaneously. I always use the example of perspective drawing, because in perspective drawing you must conform to the astrophysical properties of perspective, but also visualize within that astrophysical context. In fact the Renaissance was the Renaissance because of the widespread use of perspective drawing.


Because when you start thinking in 3D or what we call "Holographic Thinking," even ideas themselves which are usually linear and narrow focused, become a sort of spherical entity, that you can stand away from in your mind and mix and match with other ideas to create even new ideas.

So at we stretch your brain by not just using one side of the brain, but by using both sides simultaneously. This stretches your brain much faster and more completely than just using one side of your brain, either left of right. When this happens it creates so much electrical activity in your brain, it short circuits it and you just can't think of anything for a few moments.


When we rest it for a few moments it is possible to continue and do more brain stretching. However, Mindmavericks has also discovered a way to get your brain to recover even faster and do more at any given session of its training, by using humor.

So at the end of the day, blowing your mind actually becomes the way to create more mind. And, just like in the gym you just can't just do it once and expect your muscles to grow exponentially, it is important to repeat this process, so even though you will get a lot out of one workshop, you will want to do it over and over.

I have been doing this kind of thing for 30 years and still get a lot out of it. So much so, that I had to create to insure it would happen frequently for me and my friends.

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