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If you were blind and everyone else around you were blind, but you had perfect, even more than perfect hearing and someone told you that they could show you how to do this thing called seeing, would you choose to see? Would you do this even if it would mean you would be different than everybody else?

When I ask this question in various groups, everyone immediately raises their hands to indicate yes they would choose to see.

But then when I tell them that I can show them how to see things with a whole new set of senses, that are just as revealing as the contrast between seeing vs. hearing; new senses that will allow them to not only see themselves, other people more objectively and even see the universe in an expanded way. Then many of these same people who raised their hands without hesitation, hesitate and don't even want to explore what that is, let alone what it would take to do so.

So what happened?

People already see and understand what seeing means and they can confidently say yes they would choose seeing because there is no risk and it is not an unknown experience. But to offer something to someone that they don't know and represents a change of their reality, no matter how good it could be, they fear the change and are very hesitant and most likely won't make the change, even if it was handed to them on a silver platter, which in this case, it is.

Even people who have been blind all of their lives and are suddenly given sight, have a hard time for their brains to learn how to interpret the signals of seeing for the first time and feel some fear. The truth is that very few people want to learn more if it means going out of their comfort zone, even if it would make their life better..

So here we are and you are reading this and I say to you:

I can show you how to use more of your brain, gain more use your senses that either you have dormant or can be developed. So what do you choose to do? Are you a bit afraid?

In fact I am so confident in this process, that if you take my workshop and don't get your mind blown, you will get your money back. So what do you choose? Are you still hesitant? Now is the time for facing your own truth about yourself and your imaginary picture of your desire to change and evolve. It takes a very special person who is willing to take a chance at learning how to do something new with their brains capacity. People would rather do relentless sit-ups than stretch their brains. What kind of person are you?

Even if you don't believe me and that this is possible: Remember, that if I don't blow your mind, you get your money back, so what do you have to lose? All you have to do is show up, pay a ridiculously low price of $39.50 and play the brain games. Do you think an opportunity like this comes along everyday, every month, every year, every life? This opportunity will not be around forever and at this price, as close to you or available at all.

The workshop is Saturday Feb 28th, from 2 to 5 pm.

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