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The majority of humanity still wants to live under a monarchy or oligarchy in one form or another. Yes, even the Americans whose supposed rebellion against a monarchy king actually craves it even more in some form or another.


There are so many different aspects of it from: the frenzy of some people with the UK's princess Diana and prince Philip and Harry, the classic fairy tails that promote the idea that women want to be queens to control or princesses and be taken care of, the whole American royalty otherwise know as the celebrity culture to the Judeo/christian religious doctrines of The King of the Jews or Christ as King.

The whole Catholic church is set up as a monarchy and for that matter, every religion is, in some form or another.Even in the US government, instead of politics promoting cooperation and finding ways to truly share control, the politics are all set up for who will 'take control' of the Congress, Presidency or the Supreme court.

The tying of government, religion and being the king as a ruling doctrine is not new. The idea of democracy and the sharing of power is relatively new and the civilizations from the Greeks, Romans and now the new Western governments are still experimenting. But, always against a backdrop of a struggle of power, control and eventually corruption as we see going on today.

So what feeds all of this? Why does most of humanity feed into the mindset of "either you are a hammer or a nail mentality?"

The reason is both simple and sad at the same time.

Are you ready for the answer?

"It is because of a lazy brain." So if you don't like the government, complain about it and don't do things to increase your intelligence, you are the problem of the government and world you dislike.


Because your lazy brain gives up your responsibility for your morals to another authority or entity rather than having to think things through on your own and take the responsibility for your decisions, actions and mistakes.

This was proven in the 1960's by the experiments by the social scientist Stanley Milgram, documented in his book "Obedience To Authority." This is where in controlled experiments set in a University setting with people dressed very authoritative got 85% of the subjects of the experiment, to knowingly shock so called "learners" (who were acting) to death because they couldn't remember certain word pairs.

The end conclusion is that people would rather assign their moral responsibility to a so called "higher authority," rather than have to do the dirty work of thinking for yourself.

Do you find this to be shocking or about someone else and not about you?

Well if you are subject to any form of pier pressure, do things because you wish to be liked, do things and have friends that support your own false self image, get excited by royalty or celebrities, follow conservative trickle down political structures, buy into the religious structure of a hierarchy of religious or spiritual leaders, live from one fad to the next for either the sake of conformity or rebellion, have an "America, love it or leave it, my way or the highway" attitude, if you have any one or combination of the above, you are an "obedient to authority" subject.

So what is the solution and what can we do about it, either as a subject of authority obedience or observer of others who are? can actually show you a workable new model of how to share power. Through our brain games in our workshops, we show you ways to think for yourself and channel ideas as a group and effect mutual understanding and change without power struggles. Of course, nothing is perfect and mistakes will be made, but that is because, people have to learn how to work together more efficiently and also see that learning from mistakes can be a doorway to a greater understanding or idea, than a moment of failure and stubbornly sticking to one or more ideas, that no longer have appropriate validity.

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