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Yes, this is how to keep yourself from becoming a visionary genius. The formula is very simple and not only does everyone already know how to do it, most people choose to do it. So since you already know, why should I have to tell you?

I have to tell you because there is a two part formula to denying your genius and I have to tell you even though you already know. So are you ready, ready to learn the first part?

OK here it is:

I struggled for most of my life to become wealthy. One day ( to make a long story short), over a 9 month period, I had two million dollars. It came relatively sudden, not overnight, but in 3 big chunks over the 9 months. So when this happened, I had two distinct emotions:

One - I was elated

Two - I felt fear

The fact is, that being and suddenly thinking that I was a multimillionaire was so different from my former life, that something in me felt fear of the unknown aspects of it. It was such a shocking change and now I had to fear both the unusual aspects of it and figure out what to do not to lose it.

So the first part of the formula of what you do to keep yourself from becoming a visionary genius is block it from happening, because of the fear of the unknown aspects of it and how to handle 'Geniushood.'

The second part of the formula that you already do, that keeps you from being a visionary genius is your own self judgement and the excuses that result:

Who am I to be a genius?

What did I do to deserve it?

I don't have the IQ for it.

Who gave me permission to become a genius?

How vain of me to even think it is possible!

I am not good enough to be one.

I have failed in school at being one.

It is not possible for me to change.

And my favorite:

My family is made up of morons why should I be any different?

It goes on and on. Self judgement does not allow for 'Geniushood' to be for you. In fact, why should I take genius mind training, because I am not good enough and I can't see how this is possible for me to learn how to do it, so how is it possible for anyone to show me how? I am simply not good enough. You don't believe all of this to be true? Then come to the next workshop and prove me wrong.

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