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Older brains may be more similar to younger brains than previously thought. In a new paper published in Human Brain Mapping, BBSRC-funded researchers at the University of Cambridge and Medical Research Council's Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit demonstrate that previously reported changes in the aging brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) may be due to vascular (or blood vessels) changes, rather than changes in neuronal activity itself. In other words, use it or lose it. But, you also have to also give it a push and stretch it. I have found that people would rather do 100 sit-ups 5 time a day, than stretch their brains. It is amazing. It makes you wonder how it is possible for there to be natural evolution. If there was ever a case for a greater being moving us along, that is a good one, but whether it is a benevolent one is still debatable. I mean: "Why would a benevolent God create most people who basically would rather be stupid and wallow in their own uncomfortable stupidity and not want to strive with all of their being to evolve?

Why does their have to be a hierarchy of a few intelligent people instead of teams of brilliant ones without overwhelming egos, that could work together? I work so hard to get people to even see how it is possible to not only be more intelligent, but how they can actually work together. I find so few, it is amazing, that will even try to learn for practically for free, So you might ask: "What if it was not "God" who is dumbing us down?.. Answer: Either it is a God with all of his supposed powers to make things right or it is just more slightly powerful beings, that are limited meddlers, who are just playing our asses, for their own entertainment. All the evidence point to meddlers. And the sheep that keep believing that just believing will save them. We are in a life or death struggle for conscious survival. I make it humorous in my brain games, but in truth, there is nothing really funny about it. There is the supposed saying from Christ: "Many are called, few are chosen." Why? Is the Universe too cramped for too many conscious enlightened beings? No, it is all just pretty words to placate the duped into going to some kind of esoteric slaughter. Unfortunately, If a person does not become more conscious, there is no memory at all and they recur in the same kind of lives over and over again; according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead which basically says, in my own course paraphrase: "Remember the shit you just went through on that planet, or you will be doomed to go back and repeat it over and over, till your basic life force buns out and you are returned to simply star dust."

Whether it is star dust or fairy dust, I know for one thing: Before it becomes any kind of dust, the brain becomes mush first.


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