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Yes, creativity, brilliant ideas, earth shaking realizations, writing great literature and amazing art are simply residue or byproduct; they are all the failure of a greater process.

How is this possible? Well, the greatest process we can do as humans is to contemplate the infinite unknown, otherwise know as meditation and the stopping of thoughts. Anyone who has attempted this will know that this is very difficult to do. When you attempt this process, you will have every distraction under the stars that will try and creep into your mind. That is why, even if you can stop thoughts for any significant period of time, you generally need special circumstances, such as quiet, calming sounds, nice environment etc., to do so. So when you are trying to stop thoughts, a thought comes into the forefront of your mind or let us say the front door of your mind and instead of fighting it, let it out the back door. Another thought comes in the front door, you let it out the back door. This process goes on and on, with varying periods of no thoughts. Then this very interesting thought comes in the front door and this time you take a bit of time to escort it out the back door. Then an even more interesting idea comes in the front door and you say to yourself, "Oh no, ' Mr, thought' you are not going to get me!" At that point you vigilantly get it out of your mind. Then there nice peaceful silence, Suddenly it hits you, this great amazing realization, idea, invention, solution to some vexing problem and the next thing you know, two weeks later you wake up and realize that the great idea or realization was the overwhelming thought that got you. That no matter how great or amazing that idea was and successful it may become, it was actually the moment of failure of the greater process of meditation. This is the biggest challenge of the sages of antiquity. Buddha was challenged by all kinds of distractions from very sensuous to very fearful by Mara. This is simply not new. But this is what makes the world go round too. It is not something to feel bad about, it is the challenge of challenges, but there is a way around it, so that you can have these great realizations all the time, act on them and still maintain your meditation. This is the essence of You can learn to divide you attention so that you can maintain a safe distance from distractions and yet still use them. This can be done even in the middle of complete chaos. In fact, you can even begin to thrive on chaos. You can become the observer that is seated in a vortex of a storm or black hole. You can learn how to do so and attract the whole universe, that is, as much as you can absorb in your life. In fact, you can get to the point that even what you can't absorb you give off like the gamma rays that spews out of black holes when there is too much matter for it to process all at once. This matter that spews out can infect others around you and make them highly creative too. It is also why it is necessary to have others around you to learn how to do this so that collectively, even more knowledge can be understood. If I had to say what is the greatest benefit of, it is the discovery of how to teach people how to become this vortex and meditate in the midst of chaos, work with others who can also do this and make some real changes to both yourself and the world around you. It is the next level in the development of the consciousness spirit of humanity

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