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Sociologists of history, have determined what factors pushed primitive humans to develop more physical brain. What is that factor?

Sorry vegetarians and vegans and some of my best friends are vegetarians and vegans (LOL), but it was meat!

Yes, there were two factors:

One: Eating meat delivered more nutrition per volume than fruits and vegetables.

Two: The need to strategize and plan as well as the actual need to improvise in the hunt, needed more brain power.

OK, now to be fair and to really get to the point, actually farming was the next step beyond hunting and it brought human intelligence to the following next step. It meant the beginning of family's and marriage of a sort, as the men needed someone to do the farming and protect their property while they went off to still hunt for 'meat.'

Nowadays we can be vegetarians or vegans because we have the brain power to think ahead and get the right nutrition from non animal food sources. But the main factor that has driven human intelligence is survival factors, being uncomfortable. And, It has driven innovation to this day.

Now what was it that stimulated early humans to even think that they could farm to begin with. Aside from it coming, most likely from a woman's intelligent brain and observations of how grain that was spilled in the gathering in refining process, grew where it fell. There was the need to make and comprehend this observation because farming was more efficient, less time consuming and more of a food source guarantee than hunting and gathering. It also meant more time to get your nails and hair done (LOL). But actually it did leave more time to be creative and make more jewelry and art, even for the men too.

So the factors that drive the need for obtaining more intelligence from the first fish to crawl from the ocean on to the land, to going to mars, is survival and the avoidance and transformation of pain. In the case of the fish, it was predators threatening their life style and the need to hide in the shallows. As the law of averages would have it, there was an instinctive reaction to eventually choose the new reality of land. In the case of going to Mars, it is the result of the technology of wars that sparked the notion that this seemingly impossible leap to other planets were even possible. It was the ability to take a chance, face the unknown and any fears about it.

So in a nut shell there are three factors that drive a greater brain:

One - Survival

Two - Creativity and facing the unknown

Three - A subtle sensibility to use the bolt of lightning that happens from time to time that the cosmos gives us, to make a quantum leap with.

At, we cannot give you the survival urge to want to have more intelligence; some fish still stayed in the ocean, obviously. We cannot give you the spark of creativity either. Because even though each person has some creativity from childhood and may even unknowingly use their creativity in some form, even if it means which fast food restaurant should I eat at tonight, if there is not the desire to develop whatever little creativity a person does have, we can't help. We cannot give you the bravery to face the unknown either.


What we can do at, is reveal your creativity as little as it may be, take the desire to have more creative intelligence, strengthen your resolve to face the unknown and like Hanz and Franz from Saturday night live said: "We gonna pump you up" and develop the subtle sensibility of innovation and prepare to make a quantum leap when that bolt of lightning does strike. Not only that, we can show you how to attract more bolts of innovative lightning more often.

Like I often say these days: "I am so confident of this process, that If you take our workshop and we cannot do this for you, I will give you your money back!"

Our goal at is not to just develop a singular, on your own innovative person. But, to develop innovative people that also know how to and desire to, work in a team to make real changes. It is then and only then can we make the real changes to combat the general stupidity in the world and creatively transform the constant onslaught of outrageous slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, that is the result of this stupidity.

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