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I just had a chance to dance like no one was watching tonight at a new dance class that just started within walking distance of where I live (you know, the bush under the lamp post, next to the coffee shop). It was sooooo necessary. I haven't had the opportunity to dance like that in 10 years and my body has been desperately aching for it. Doing free-form dancing is playful falling. You loosen what ails you. Dance to your bodies physical mechanics, is like eating pure food for the bodies chemistry. It is being free of self judgement, to the mind. In fact, dancers live healthier lives because of this factor, that is, unless they do some self abusive stuff on top of all their good work, which often happens.

Dancing is one of the most powerful physical ways to cleanse your magnetic field. Laughter is the most emotional and meditation, the stopping of thoughts, is for the mind. Young toddlers and children learn through having fun and laugh at their mistakes. In fact they don't even know they are making mistakes. From zero to seven years old, we have the greatest learning curve. After seven, our self judgement and self doubt starts to take hold and affects our personalities and learning.

By doing a cleansing of your magnetic field, you get back in touch with that child like learning curve. When the magnetic field is cleared, you feel good about yourself, free of self judgement, free of fears of being liked or not and open to new things, you get to experience unique things that nobody has thought of before. The kinds of things that when other people first hear of it, they think you are crazy, it will never work type of ideas.

If you have never experienced that, then you must have that experience or you can never really say you have tasted the grandeur of the universe. And, if you have experienced it, congratulations, now you need to find out how to have it as much as you can bear.

The only problem is, you need to learn how to enjoy the fullness of this inspired experience, by yourself, with small flashes of understanding from others, if you are lucky.

So why is this experience so necessary?

Why would you put yourself through such a risky proposition of discoving something that you only truly appreciate alone?

The answer to that is the same answer you would have if some asked you, "Why do you need to see, if your hearing is so great?" Why do you want to be different than others and not fit in. Why would you not like to bump into things like everybody else? Why would anyone want to see where they are going?!?!?

Besides in order to see, you have to learn what everyone actually looks like, good, bad and everything in between. You will have so much to think about your head will explode.

Think about what I have just said: Would you choose see if everyone else was blind? reminds you through the experience of its games, to be in that free flowing childlike state of mind. You also get the rare experience of being able to share that experience with others. However, it is not for those who want to just keep their hearing and not learn to see. Even people who have been blind all of their lives, have a hard time to learn how to interpret what they are seeing if they are given sight for the first time. They even get frightened at first. So if you can't handle the heat, get out of the fire.

If you take our workshop and not find yourself seeing the world a bit differently, than I will give you your money back. If you don't see the world a bit differently, than good luck and good health to you, I don't want your money, find something else useful to you.

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