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People often ask me why I don't show what goes on in the actual workshops. The reason I don't is the same reason that you don't want to tell the punchline of a joke before you tell the joke.

Even though when I talk about all the scientific, psychological and metaphysical descriptions of the workshops, the actual experience of them is quite hilarious and at first you would not realize immediately all the benefits that are the result of them. Yet the benefits are quite profound and you will not forget what happens while participating and thereafter.

Why is it all so funny? It is very simple: "THE TRUTH IS FUNNY" How is that? Because observing both ourselves and others, natural reactions, completely free of self judgement is quite hilarious and recognizable. We all do silly so called mistakes throughout our daily lives, but normally cover them up with our "game faces." You know, the way we carry ourselves with seriousness and try and look professional or whatever, all the while we are freaking out inside from the idiotic thing we just did. But when you are in an environment that allows, supports and promotes ridiculousness, we can eventually get to some interesting ideas and see what deeper more meaningful things are going on behind the scenes of our mechanical habits and behaviour.

This is the core method of how's workshops are so effective. You get permission to fail. In fact we celebrate failure because failure is not an ending, it is the point at which we just burst into a new profound beginning.

In fact, the biggest complaint I get form people taking the workshops is that their cheeks are cramping from laughing and smiling for so long and continuosly. So if you want to get the punchline to our workshops, you have to take one. You just might get addicted to it. I know I am.

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