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This video is hilarious and yet it demonstrates how by doing certain physical acts, they can evoke holographic thinking. It makes you use both hemispheres of your brain at the same time. The games involve exercises that involve physical, emotional and intellectual exercises. We don't expect you to do what this guy is doing, but you will find that you will learn how to do multitasking exercises like this, just simpler. The objective is not to necessarily be successful doing these exercises, but to push you to your limits and "brain fry." This is when there is so much electricity that builds up in you brain that it temporarily short circuits it. This is good because when we are successful doing an exercise we need to find a more difficult one because when we brain fry we are creating new neural pathways. The is why at we like to say "Dare to Fail, Dare to Start Over." We have over 1,200 exercises, but after you learn how to play about 20 or 30 of them, you will start making up your own and that is good.

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