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One of the things that we talk about at is that ideas don't come from us, but that they come through us. It means that we are a link in a chain of events that channels the cosmos. We are receivers and transmitters for an ultimate purpose yet to be determined.

When your start to channel ideas regularly as I do, you will come to realize the profound gravity of this matter. As a matter of fact, in this very moment, as I am writing this article, I don't know exactly what is going to come out and even the reason to begin writing about this subject was the happenstance of me seeing this associated illustration that I did a couple of years ago. The illustration was also channeled as I was creating it. A while back when being under a great deal of pressure to create designs for buildings, approximately 50 designs in one year and to compose over a hundred pieces of music in one summer, I found that the only way to do it, was to let go and let the ideas come through me and not fight to control or judge what was happening. The job of an Architect is to be a synthesizer of needs, aesthetics, materials, psychology and as moderator of the needs of others. In order to do this, you have to make yourself a sophisticated tool for solutions to come through you. If you had to think about every process that you needed to go through to find a solution, forget it. I would still be writing about it to this day, 30 years later. WAIT A MOMENT, IT IS 30 YEARS LATER AND I AM STILL WRITING ABOUT IT! So channeling ideas is realizing that we are this synthesizing tool and our real job is to become a better platform for doing this job. But here is a very important part of this puzzle: Just because you are channeling something, it doesn't mean that it is the ultimate divine solution that you and you alone are getting. It may seem that way if you are a novice at channeling and many a mislead, so called spiritual/religious person has gone this route. Whatever you are channeling is just a very small part of an almost infinite influx of cosmic creative wave lengths. This is consistently shown to participants in our workshops and how different people can channel together with the exact same ideas, entirely different ideas and everything in between. They can do this and yet make it all work together. This is why working in a team doing our workshops is so important, because unless people learn how to work together with diverse ideas and regulated self egos, we will only see more and more conflict in this world, to our own self annihilation. So instead of constantly trying to discover if there is a God or not, maybe we need to work together as to create a God through our own cooperation with each other. It may mean that in the end, trying to create a God is just a misdirected hope, but the mechanism for doing so is still more important in and of itself. I can tell you from my experience with this, that finding ways for people to work together to channel ideas is one of the most exhilarating experiences that I and many others have experienced. If you want to see a good example of this, watch the TV show "Who's Line is it Anyway" or any other improv group.

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