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Although I love to speak about and what it can do, there is a point where someone has to do some homework off my website. I meet some people from time to time that come along that have such lazy minds that they would rather try and drain my brain like a mind vampire then read anything I have written or even simply look at the videos on my site. They would rather argue things with me, then do the homework and see that 99 percent of what they are bringing up is already addressed. I know others that have formed an opinion of what I am doing who knew me in the past as a student, than actually investigate the value of what I am doing now.

This is truly an avoidance from looking at themselves with some ego thrown in. Making excuses for not looking into something that could really benefit them.

Now to others:

I write quite a bit about what is about. But, just looking at the website, reading about it and expecting to truly understand what the experience is all about and become a genius is simply not going to work. There are things that are experiential in a workshop, that I can't write about in words. There are simply some things in life that require actual experience. So if you think you are getting something for free from just looking at the website, you are only looking at a menu and not eating the meal.

Also, it is one thing to learn and do things on your own, quite another to learn how to play well with others and actually get things done, where each person walks away feeling that there is equal equity of satisfaction shared. That can only be accomplished through teamwork and you can't learn teamwork from just reading about it.

Here is the deal:

Since I have formed, my goal has never been to make an extravagant living or fortune from it. Unlike a lot of mentors or gurus that are rampant in the marketplace, I am not looking for "followers" nor do I enjoy the feeling when I detect someone doing it. It actually makes me feel a little sick and reminds me of so called "teachers" in my past who created wealth at the expense of duping people with truth mixed with lies. The kind of lies that benefited their pockets and not the individuals they were supposed to help.

At the same time, I feel what I am doing and have discovered is very important and needs to get out into the world, even if it means that I never live to see the fruits of my labor. And, at the same time I do charge money for my workshops and books, but you will notice, that compared to other things, the costs are probably 10% of what others charge. After all, I did write a book and should be paid accordingly and I do work hard to put together these workshops and need to have the meeting place, advertisement and my time paid for, let alone having people realize that what I offer has tremendous value.

And the real bottom line is that people simply don't value "free" anyway.

But I also promise you, that if you don't get value in what I am teaching, you will get your money back. Now where else have you been that was teaching you something that made that kind of guarantee?

You see, I want real realized people to channel with and work to make changes in the world, not some subservient followers or someone with half baked being and knowledge going off and teaching the things I am doing and abusing others in the process, although it is always possible. But, I need to do my best to minimize that.

These are my true motives in what I am doing.

P.S. I make mistakes too; "Dare to Fail, Dare to Start over."

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