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When some people find out what I do and how I teach people how to think like Einstein, they start listing his faults.

First: I am teaching people specific aspects of how Einstein thought and not how to become Einstein and all of his habits, bad or good. Einstein said all kinds of things in his career and evolution, that he had to correct later. Second: Einstein was a visionary and was not the beginning or end of the visionary thought process, he was just a significant participant in its evolution. There are many others that may, in relation to their times have been even greater visionaries. But most people in this day a age relate to Einstein so I use him as a starting point in the conversation.

Third: Great visionaries are walking among us now and will be born into the future. In fact you too as you read this, can be one of those visionaries. Check out the info on and take a workshop and see. If you don't learn the secrets of being a visionary and see a path for yourself, I will give you your money back.

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