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To be clear: Healing and leading a healthy lifestyle is not enlightenment. That does not mean that the pursuing a healthy lifestyle and healing is not important either. But thinking that just having a healthy body, emotions and thoughts is all you need to do to become enlightened, is a misdirection.

And, we all may need some kinds of therapy from time to time. But therapy is dealing with sub-normal human behavior and not super-human capability behavior. And, we all must have to clear away this sub-human behavior from time to time. It is also an important sevice to be a health professional and help clear away the sub-human behavior.

And yes, it is helpful, to have a good chemistry, health and curtail negative emotions, but conscious enlightenment requires doing much more than therapy. It means going way beyond facing normal everyday fears, persistently challenging your comfort zone, transforming suffering and a constant letting go of your imaginary picture of yourself and the limited realty you fashion for yourself.

It also means that doing hypnotherapy, however valuble for what it is, is simply therapy and dealing with the subconcious. It is not dealing with conscious enlightenment. Conscious enlightement requires conscious delebrate changes to ourselves as the result of being a constant objective observer and not the result of subconscious suggestion. If all it took was hypnosis to become an enlightened being, we would all be walking around that way and I have not seen one enlightenend being that got that way through hypnosis yet. Although, I have seen throngs of people duped by mass hypnosis.

There have been many conscious beings that were physically sick and suffered and yet still evolved. Yes, as we are, as an evolving humanity, we understand more things and have more scientific knowledge about our health and how to improve it, but there is no replacement for learning how to face the unknown. That is still the key to enlightenment.

As a matter of fact, nobody ever became enlightened from a hot bath and a massage. They became enlightned from creatively transfoming the uncomfortable and suffering by their own mindfulness and not from some outside contraption, hypnosis or health remedy.

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