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BRAINSTORMING: literally means that.

Mindmavericks has been studying and experimenting with the activities of the brain for some time now. We speak about it from subjects like visionary experiences, Changing your magnetic field, chemistry and self observation. But there is another way of taking about attracting visionary ideas by how highly charged electrical storms attract a phenomena called sprites. They appear from 60 thousand feet and strike the tops of the 30 thousand foot supercell thunderclouds as the lighting is set off. This in turn has been recorded to reverberate around the whole magnetic field of the earth. ( It has also been observed from the space missions, that there is a sort of communication of lightning storms that reach around whole hemispheres of the earth. They all go off close in sequence anywhere between a millisecond to a minute. Scientists have also just recently discovered that in any type of electrical storm discharge, that gamma rays are produced. ( So when we use the expression "Brain Storming," it literally means creating an electrical storm in our brains, to attract ideas that are akin to sprites in our atmosphere. When we excite our electrical activity in our brains, it too, generates gamma waves. ( Meditation produces gamma waves: ( And laughter also is an accelerated method of producing gamma waves: It has also been shown that individuals that have high levels of Gamma rays are more aware, intelligent and more visionary. This is what does so well; its brain exercises excites the brain to activate an individuals gamma ray experience. In addition, we show you how to maintain and prolong the increased affect of gamma rays activity, without wasting its energy.

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