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Often I am asked, "Why or how did Mindmavericks happen?

.The answer is that; it wasn't easy, in fact difficult, it wasn't overnight and it wasn't any one thing. But one thing that really stands out in my mind is when I had a mentor that had me design something, show it to them and then destroy it and start over. This went on for almost a year.

At first, since I knew that what I was going to create was going to be destroyed, I didn't care. I would sketch something out, any old thing that struck me in the moment, show it to him and then destroy it. Then eventually, even though I didn't care, some interesting things started to come out in my sketching, but I would dutifully destroy it.

But then, there were things that came into being, in my sketches, that were amazing to see come from me, even though I didn't care and it became very difficult to destroy them. There finally came the moment of critical mass, when what I involuntarily created was so amazing, that I argued and fought to not destroy it, but finally I did.

Then the most amazing thing came over me:

I had this calm inside that tapped into this deep strength, that knew that there were so many visions to tap into and that they are always available all the time and that they were not from me, but coming through me.This was where on one level, my surface ego was destroyed, but my inner game was birthed and I felt creatively invincible.

After that time I tried to find a method that could teach others how to tap into their own creative invincibility, without the pain I had to go through.

30 years after that experience, creative brain engineering method is born.

Now maybe you can understand why I am so sure about what I do and teach at

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