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The interesting thing about studying philosophy is that everything can be explained scientifically, have the same basic practices and produce wonderful loving caring people as religions do except for one thing: Religions want you to take things on faith and belief, whereas philosophy can achieve the same thing except with knowledge and reason. Even though Jesus talked about the parable of give a man or teaching a man how to fish, religions still just give you your daily fish, because they are asking you to just believe instead of investigate and learn. But, philosophy teaches you the science of fishing and you can do much more with it even when the religious fish suppler isn't giving you your fish for the day. There is no disillusionment in philosophy because there are no beliefs to be disillusioned with. A philosopher can still experience the wonderment and mystery of the universe without any symbols and rituals that make you feel guilty if you don't do or use them as religions inevitably want you to do. Philosophy has you take responsibility for your actions and intentions whereas people of religion assign their responsibility to their church or other religious institution. Because of this, there is always opportunity of corruption from its leaders. In the end philosophy can prepare you for the unknown of death of the body without any preconceived ideas, but religions give you all kinds of expectations in life and especially at death, which actually had no biblical foundation until the formation of the Catholic church in the Reformation period. Because of this, it offers the possibility of great disappointment. The whole extreme Islamist movement is based on some imaginary reward in an imaginary place called heaven, which they use to slaughter anyone and bring, (in their minds), the world to an end. How is this any different in principal from any religious picture of heaven, except without the slaughter, but still filled with the morality part. How do I know about this disappointment in the religious? Because you never hear of a philosopher slaughtering people incoherently, although they may kill themselves from loneliness in a sea of religious fanatics. But the slaughter always come from some fanatic with a voice from God in their head telling them to do so. Both the religious and the philosopher needs to face the unknown because whether you call it God or the Universe, it is all too big for our little minds to define and limit. Just respect the values and intentions of a person seeking meaning in their lives without judging them because they don't have your approach to finding out what this thing we call life, is all about. Don't push your approach unless you are asked and even then, don't try and convince someone that your idea is the best. Each person has their own journey in their own unique way. Without that, life would truly be boring and not worth living.

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