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Sometimes there is a misconception that being in the moment means that you ignore the past and deny the future and have no use of your brain at all, like a rutabaga. But, it really is more about the idea that the past and future may not be what we thought it was or think it will be and can color our limited conscious perceptions of this moment. Being in the moment does not mean you have no being as a result of your experiences of the past or what you can bring to the future either. If that we true than your existence free of the memories of the past and what you can bring to the future could not compare to the amazing abilities of being in the moment of a stone or any other inanimate object, which in actuality has no ability at all.

Being in the moment is actually just a starting place for many other processes of consciousness and eventually enlightenment. It is about the stopping of the internal chatter in our heads, learning to observe things fresh and new like the newness of an innocent child. Which brings me to another misconception, that makes me laugh. Sometimes, people studying consciousness learn about seeing things like an innocent child and think it means behaving like a child or baby, (Still chuckling). Seeing things like a child is a metaphor for simply seeing things like it is the first time without any judgement or preconceived notion of how something is or should be.

The idea of seeing things as a child is a poor interpretation of translation of eastern philosophy to try and explain things to the "in your face" western minds. It is the same with being in the moment not meaning to completely ignore your experiences of life altogether. You see, the reason that there is the principal of being in the moment, is for the purpose of stopping thoughts and not allowing the past to cloud your perceptions of the moment or your concerns or fears of the future. It is to allow the inner mind to manifest with it's great channeling abilities.

Why do we want those channeling abilities?

Because, it is those channeling abilities that bring us the greater knowledge of the universe, great discoveries and visions of a greater humanity, for our existing lives and abilities and even beyond the life of the flesh.

Part of enlightenment is having more consciousness of events, past and future, so that we can understand life more comprehensively and then act in the world with more mindfulness. It is to be able to see that who we are is not of the body, but an entity that can be able to bring its consciousness to the transition of the death of the body to whatever is next.

Even if you are religious and believe in heaven, you had better have a pretty good conception of what that heaven could mean or not mean, be open to even recognizing that heaven is not what you can imagine. This is because that if there is one lesson to be learned in life, it is that our limited imaginations is what creates our living hell, no matter how great that vision was to begin with in your own mind. And, if you believe in religion and think that God will take care of it all, just by being a good person, remember the saying the "God helps those that help themselves." So that means no matter what, you can't go brain dead like a rutabaga and expect the best possible results of your life after death of the body.

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