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We start out knowing magic. We are born with wonderment and outrageous potential inside of us. But the magic is beaten out of us, through schools, religious dogma, political manipulation, commercial lies, popular fads and fashion.

It is because people have become afraid to use their imaginations. They are afraid to face the unknown infinite universe. They judge themselves and others for their wild and crazy ideas. But the road to great ideas is paved with idiotic ones, besides, how many idiotic ideas have changed the world, like the discoveries of Galileo, Einstein, Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. Schools replace our imaginations and daydreaming with busywork. They only teach us to memorize, calculate and fit in. They teach us how to be just smart enough to run the machines and be run by the machines, but not smart enough to question the whole system to begin with. Religions try to define what God is, but you can't define infinity. On top of all that there are people going around promising you health, wealth and power over others. This is a complete misdirection. It is not spiritual. It is however, taking good peoples good hearts that want to connect to something bigger then themselves into materialism.

Each of us try to get the magic back through some kind of drug, be it actual drugs to buying new gadgets or over indulging in some kind of obsession.

But there is a better way, a way to get your magic back and have that childhood wonderment again.

That is why I have been compelled to start, to give people healthy tools to get their magic back, to show people how be brave and explore the magic of the unknown.

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