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If I had a smartphone and a fully functioning internet 100 years ago or before, it would be the most mystical devise on the planet. In different ages of time, people's reactions would range from worshiping me and/or the phone to burning me at the stake. But today we know what a smartphone is and can at a minimum know that it is a scientific technology and not a mystical or voodoo object.

So what happened to the mystical part?

Throughout the ages, people have found all kinds of unexplained things to be mystical, later to find out that there is a scientific explanation of cause and effect. So then, one way of looking at what we call mystical, is that it is a place holder for something we don't fully understand, until we finally understand the actual cause and effect of it. But what happens if we find an explanation of something is that was considered mystical can be explained? Yet, there are people who still want to think of it in a mystical way. They close their eyes to the cause and effect of it or even waste time arguing with the science using the concept of the mystical as an alternative explanation to an actual astrophysical explanation. In case you haven't guessed by now, religious and spiritual beliefs fit into this category. So you might ask:

Why would someone or group of people want to maintain a mystical aura around a perfectly explainable phenomena?

Because there is power and money involved for those running organizations thriving on this mystical, There is also the shock of having to open your mind and expand it to accept a new reality. It means that you have to feel a bit lost and confused, because you cannot hold on to that mystical thing or idea as a security blanket, because when you experience the emotions of the mystical, it releases endorphins and in a way, it is an addiction.Why do you think it is so hard for religious fundamentalists to see anything different than their religious view of the world?

Then there are others the bonce from one mystical theory or practice to the next, expecting that since they changed their practice, it will become refreshed and new. But in fact, it is just another portal into the same deluded mindset.

The irony is that the moment you explain one mystical phenomenon, it opens the door to another. So for example, if you find out the there is such a thing as Darwin's natural selection and evolution and it is not the Adam and Eve story and you still choose to believe in God, that does not negate God, it just means that you just discovered how more amazing God is for creating such an explainable world and how there is so much more to find out about God.

Now personally, I am agnostic about God. But my direct issue is with people who want to just believe and maintain the status quo, of how to become enlightened.

There is a whole culture that has developed over the millennia, that follow certain rituals, such as Yoga, Meditation, Certain movements, Certain breathing, Certain gurus, etc. These methods have been useful and still are to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent, because they are still more mystical in culture than scientific cause and effect. It would be like understanding that there are the secondary colors green, orange and purple, but not understanding the primary colors of red, blue and yellow.

I can't deny the total validity of those secondary colors, but if a person understood the primary colors they would see how much more can be done with the understanding of the primary colors. They would understand the whole spectrum of light and how it reveals even the elements of stars and planets in the universe that we presently can't go to yet.

At we show you the primary colors of enlightenment and how you can access the journey at will, when you need it do whatever degree you need to do whatever. And, since enlightenment is not a final destination, but a journey, you can continue on this miraculous, mystical journey with even more vigor, commitment and practical results. You can continue to reveal the mystical of another realm.

But if you keep relying on the same old ways of yesteryear towards enlightenment, your progress will continue to be slow and not keep up with the exponentially expanding universe and all of its incarnations.

At we can show you the scientific aspects of the brains mechanism, creative wavelengths, how it relates to enlightenment and consciousness, reveal the mystical aspects of it, give you practical tools and finally move on to other lessons in an accelerated way, instead of slowly plodding along or maybe re-living the same lessons, over and over again.

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