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When I was a child and lived on Miami Beach, yes, born on Miami Beach and spent years on the beach because my father and grandparents both had restaurants in hotels on the beach and I was a beach freak for a long time. Now I hardly go to the beach for one reason of another, but I guess I haven't lost the freak part. Anyway, I was about 6 years old and couldn't swim except for using some kind of floating device. I was afraid to swim at the time because when I was four I was at a pool and watched some other kids jumping from the side of a pool into their inner-tubes. I jumped, went right through the tube to the bottom of the pool and was just about to drown, when some random stranger jumped in and pulled me out. So flash forward to 6 years old. When I was in the pool at my grandparent's coffee shop, there was a life guard there that had been watching me move around the pool for weeks. He saw that I had all of the tools to swim, but not the confidence. He asked me and my grandparents if he could teach me how to swim and we all agreed. I had this inflatable football float attached to my back. He would ask me to swim around the pool and then when I came back to where he was, he would do something to the float and then ask me to swim around again. This happened about a seven times. At the end of the seventh time, he said look; and he took off the football float and showed me that it was completely deflated (No relation to the Patriots deflated footballs) and that I had been swimming on my own. This was incredible to me and for the rest of the day, I was swimming without the float like crazy. However, the next day I lost my confidence and was afraid to swim. A few months later, and after my parents learned about this and saw that I was still afraid, the took me to real swimming lessons. At these lessons, I was shown how we can naturally float, how to swim and not be afraid of being completely underwater and explained how swimming strokes worked, so I could truly understand swimming. Later I was actually a lifeguard as my first job as a teenager. Why am I telling you all this? Because there are so so many people out in the marketplace of everything from money making schemes to pump up with the Pope, that give you the temporary over inflated football version of inspiration. This is the version that is like Chinese food, where after you are done stuffing yourself, an hour later you are hungry again. That is far different than learning the true elements of inspiration, that you can create for yourself, though the right education and science about it. Just like how I had to learn the real principals of swimming and never lost my confidence in swimming again. At the workshops, you will learn about the chemistry of inspiration, we will give you relevant experiences of it and show you the kinds of emotions associated with it. You will learn how to get inspired at will, on your own, when you need it and direct it for any particular goal of your choosing. You will learn how true inspiration is not this over inflated highly overly positive state that is often mistaken for inspiration, but something that is slightly positive of neutral and can be regulated instead of spilling your whole load of emotions at once uncontrollably. You will see clearly how there are people who try to dupe you with the false uncontrollable emotion, kind of inspiration, usually designed to get money from you.

If you want more than just pretty words to get you inpired and get some real methods to do so, check out our next workshop. You won't regret it.

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