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Teaching someone how to become a creative visionary thinker is like baking a cake. The thing that makes standout from any other self development methods, is that our brain games are more than just using the brain. We use all of the ingredients of our psychology; the body, emotions and mental through exercises that you must do simultaneously.

These simultaneous exercises are not just willy nilly either, they are deliberate and designed to induce specific states of perception in a specific progression in an easily accomplished step by step process. They eliminate self judgement, excite both side of your brain simultaneously, quicken your brains functioning, broaden your visual perceptions and thicken your corpus callosum, the bridge between both hemispheres of the brain like that of Einsteins, Leonardo da Vinci and other visionaries.

We know our method is unique, because we have done 40 years of extensive research, that caries on to this day with the many people who are involved with With all of this research, we have never found anything else that does all of the things we do as a whole, let alone in concert with each other. There are many things that use parts of what we do, but not as comprehensively. And, the doing it comprehensively and simultaneously is actually the thing that creates the catalyst for transformation to become a visionary thinker.

It would be like having the ingredients to bake a cake, but not really understanding the procedure to actually mix them and bake it, let alone the experience of doing it well.

Oh yes, and the secret ingredient that makes the cake bake, is the use of outrageous humor throughout the whole process.

At, we truly have developed the science of visionary thinking and have proven results with people from ages 8 to 80.

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