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You know the biggest thing that keeps people from excelling in anything in life is a lazy brain. The brain actually will atrophy and for some evolutionary reason has a tendency to do so any chance it gets, just as our muscles do when not used. But just like our health is jeopardized by not exercising our muscles, the same thing is true for our brains. The only difference is that when the brain atrophies, it affects every other system in our bodies.

Everything is about the brain. Martial arts is about speeding up the perceptive abilities of the brain and how fast it can respond in coordination with your muscles to defend yourself. The biggest sex organ is the brain, structuring health eating habits need our brain, defending the onslaught of disease can be done better with a more active brain. We know all of this and yet even people who workout every day in the gym generally don't work out their brains. Less and less people read, imagine, plan and continue to educate their brains. In fact there are a lot of people who may read this, that will kind of be proud that they don't do those things. They will say, "Well I just don't read anymore." or "Who has time to do anything with my brain by the time I get home from work I just want to veg out." Unfortunately, we are living in a time, particularly in the US, that has created such a survival frenzy to just pay rent, food, internet, car or whatever, that people race around just doing whatever they can to just tread water. This is so dangerous to all of humankind and makes George Orwell's book 1984 a reality. Who has time to really think about things, who can afford to protest any more? With all of this, the reality is that if we did have the time to use more of our brains, we wouldn't be so exhausted. With a further developed brain, we could multitask better, get more work done, lose less psychic energy dealing with our employers, clients, fellow workers, the DMV and should we get paper of plastic? How do I even have time to leverage and think about how to improve my living and mental conditions without just deciding things on a shoot from the hip, survival impulse? Well here is the good news: Mindmavericks has had the time, to spend and figure out a way to get on top of this Rat Race. Time to figure out how to leverage our brains capacity and get more out of it so you don't have to start out from square one and figure it out for yourselves. That is why and its brain games was created. NOTE: The brain training games that I am talking about are nothing like what some websites are promoting. Those brain games will only contribute to your mental exhaustion. But with, all you have to do is take a small chance and try out a workshop. As a matter of fact, it is not even taking a chance at all, all you have to do is show up participate and if we don't blow your mind and create a greater understanding of your own minds potential, you get your money back. How can you beat that and how can afford not to try us out to have more clarity in your life and do all you can to avoid the typical brain degeneration that happens as you get older and have a lazy brain. In fact: "Since the brain is the biggest sex organ and I can show you how to use more of your brain, if you want better sex, you should definitely take the brain training."

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