It is not possible to accurately describe the experience in another dimension to someone while you are trying to experience it from a lower dimension. One can only talk about its effects and what might happen as you approach it.

However, once you have the experience and are able to understand what that experience is, then although words are still inadequate, you share a common bond of understanding with others who experience it.

It is similar to trying to explain what a three dimensional sphere is as it passes through a two dimensional world to someone living in a two dimensional world. They would first see a dot appear from nowhere, which would grow to a circle and then became a dot again and disappear. There would be no possible concept of the totality of what a sphere is, if the person who only has a two dimensional way of viewing it and has no other way to perceive the world.

That is why you have to have a holographic thinking experience before you can truly understand the powerful value of it.

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