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Thinking and/or wishing to be rewarded materially for your inner beings development is a complete misdirection.

Admiring those that have achieved great material success from their so called spiritual work, simply because they have achieved material success, is simply materialism and has nothing to do with self development and higher thinking or enlightenment.

If they are promising you health and wealth as the affirmation of you following their program, run away as fast as you can.

You will eventually see that they have super celestial thoughts but subterranean behaviour.

“Keep your eyes in your sockets; they have their hands in your pockets,"

Now this does not mean that someone can't make money for teching what they know. It also does not mean that with more consiouness can't bring you more money. It just means that you can't equate enlightened consciouness with riches and prosperity. There have been many einightened poor beings that don't find money that important and many more that were quite weathy and were horrible people.

Everyone has their own unique part to play in life and having riches, may not be part of it, no matter how hard you try. But acheiving a higher mind is under your control and results are proportionate to effort.

If someone who is teaching you about your higher consciouness promises you that you will become very wealthy and that is the reason to become more enlightened, they are duping you.

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