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The biggest obstacle in being an objective thinker is the inability to keep from getting immersed in things. We lose ourselves in our relationships, our jobs, our favorite sports team, what country we live in, beliefs and especially who we think we are.

When we do this, it becomes impossible to step back and see the bigger picture. Our identity is so tied up with “things” that we are unaware of our behavior and how it affects others, now and in the future. It may even affect our perception of the past, to some extent.

Being objective requires the ability to surf over life’s circumstances and not get tripped up by the waves of complexity, not wipe out and not lose your sense of self. In other words: becoming a Mind Maverick, (a person who takes an independent stand; a non conformist), surfing over the maverick waves of the constantly changing circumstances of your life, in order to achieve your own life’s purpose.

It is about looking beyond the surface of things, seeing behind the mask everyone wears, including our own.

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