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Pursing enlightenment is like hitchhiking.

When hitchhiking, you only use a particular vehicle to get from one point to another that brings you closer to your destination. If the vehicle you are in takes you off course, you leave and do something else. You don't get distracted and stay in any one vehicle just because it is pretty and comfortable and never reach your destination. There is a direction we need to go in but there is no absolute conscious destination. Having absolute, finite consciousness and objective thinking is a common misconception. It is all a continuous journey till the day we leave our bodies and most likely beyond. There is no such thing as a conscious being who is beyond faults, but there can be a person that has a lot of consciousness on a regular basis. Beware of anyone who claims they are above identification and immersion and human faults. In fact if you find yourself thinking that someone is beyond faults, you are experiencing some form of hypnosis. You have to separate good ideas from bad and the person who dispenses them. That doesn't mean you have to go looking for faults either. It's just simply buyer beware. Of course one can be less immersed and more objective, but not completely so. You may be able to keep immersion in check, and react better and quicker when finding yourself immersed, but nonetheless getting immersed from time to time happens to everyone, especially when we least expect it. Beware of anyone who tells you what you need to do to evolve, if it doesn't feel right to you don't do it. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't accept and process feedback. In fact, it is possible to get useful feedback from a fool. An amateur thinks they can only learn from a master, but a master can learn from anyone. Enlightenment is not a magical reward for doing certain tasks, living in ritualistic ways, praying, meditating, eating organic, plastic or paper. It is the result of doing things from understanding of how to increase your mind and the gamma rays in your brain. If you think you have become conscious and don't know how you got there consciously and deliberately and you can't show others how to do so also clearly, you are not what you think you are.

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