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There is a force that exists around us all the time, that most people are completely unaware of. This force affects every aspect of our lives and yet most people have no clue. This force is called Morphic Fields. To experience them, you have to develop the awareness of a new sensation. Actually, it is not a new sensation at all, it is a sensation that is existing deep in our psyche all the time, but we have a lack of awareness of them. Things like flocks of birds, fish and animal migration and even own own phenomenon of fashion and fads are subject to these forces.

Without the ability to understand and tap into Morphic Fields, we are mostly living in blindness and deafness of the major portion of the sensory experience being given off by the universe. The level of profound sensory deprivation is equivalent to spending your life in a cave of total darkness and void of sound. The only things you become aware of are anything you accidentally bump into. Some people can intuitively tap into Morphic fields, yet the majority of people, for most if not all of their lives, live and die without having a clue about these other sensory experiences. The's training can help you become aware of this force and even if you are intuitively in touch with it, we will show you how to consciously tap into this force and not leave the experience of perception up to accident and clarify any vague experience you might have with it.

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