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There is a joke I tell as I channel the guru "Deep Thought Jokra," who says: Socrates said that "The unexamined life is not worth living." So I examined my life and found that my unexamined life was just fine, it was my examined life that was not worth living.

There is some truth to this, in that, when we actually look at what we are doing or not doing, we find how petty it all can be. To make life valuable, requires effort over the rest of our whole lives. It is not easy to live this way, but once your eyes are open to this situation, you have to make a choice: Do I go into denial or do I summon my deepest brave soul and face the music of finding true meaning to my life. This is what separates ordinary everyday people from the great people throughout history. Yes it is so nice to just eat the comfort food of life, have children and have a good retirement plan, but evolution takes more than that. If certain fish didn't find the conditions of the oceans intolerable, they wouldn't climb onto the land and eventually become us. Now there are obviously still plenty of fish who stayed in the ocean and do just fine, but some for whatever reason, wanted more. The same thing is for us humans. Some of us find that just living the status quo is intolerable and need more. Just like the fish transcended having a fish survival system, Maybe finding a way to transcend a human body survival system and get in touch with our higher consciousness is the next step for the future of who we are as sentient beings. This all means learning how to think about life in a new way. Think and identify who we actually are in a new way. Are you your eyeballs or that which look out of them? The answer and experience of that, may mean the difference between evolution or constantly recurring in one human body to the next, with no real change in sight. So as Deep Though Jokera implied, what will make your examined life worth living? is dedicated to helping people how to think and see things in new ways. So not only does it give you an everyday advantage to do this, it also gives you the tools to transcend your ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

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