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Along with showing people you how to be a visionary like Einstein and reach you full creative potential, helps to clarify what it means to be a more conscious being. This is done with a blending of certain improvisation theater games and the principals of mindfulness training.

Now there are plenty of people who do improv and do it very well. But, doing improv and not having it relate the understanding of mindfullness principals is like reciting Shakespeare very well, but not understanding what it really means.

On the other hand, if a person is trying to understand what it means to become and enlightened conscious being and not be able to stay mindful in the usual or unusual chaos of life, which improv can teach you, is fooling themselves if they think that they have achieved any level of real consciousness. In addition, contrary to popular belief, nirvana and enlightenment is not about beautiful sensations radiating throughout your body all the time or even most of the time. In fact, enlightenment and consciousness is not of the senses and not the complete freedom from pain either. What could be considered to be nirvana is the freeing of your mind and hearts from self judgement and that of others, it is knowing the difference between momentary pain and prolonging unnecessary suffering. It is being free of the shock of confusion and clarity of seeing the truth separated from lies. That does not mean that an enlightened person cannot feel waves of endorphins from the chemistry produced from inspiration, but that chemistry can become a diversion from the true self and needs to be seen as such.

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