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Right now we are on this spaceship called earth and our bodies are nothing more than our space suits. At some point our space suits can no longer sustain us. The secret of life is to learn how we can exist without our space suits and continue on this cosmic journey. If we get too attached to our space suits and as long as we do so, we will never be able to continue on our journey and we will get stuck here and be reborn over and over again. This is essence of eastern philosophy.

Contrary to popular belief, enlightenment is not a magical gift or the result of what happens from doing good deeds, eating right, meditating and or praying and hoping. Although those things are important, enlightenment is survival of the conscious fit. It is something you have to take for yourself. It is the results of conscious and deliberate acts, specific kinds of perceptions and identifying yourself to be the spirit that can exist without a body.

This is very important to get right in this life or you will be very supprised and distrought when you get caught without any space suit on.

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