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“Einstein’s Biggest Secret Finally Revealed”

The book, "IN THE EYE OF EINSTEIN" is about a new brain training education system developed by Architect and PhD, Elliot Laurence, the founder and director of These are fun brain training activities that dilate your visionary neural pathways and teach you how to utilize your brain like Albert Einstein and other visionaries did. It makes you smarter, improves your creativity, and most of all stimulates your visionary and objective thinking abilities.

These Brian Games are not like the popular web sites promoting brain games that promise users greater brain power, but in reality, only improve memorization, problem solving and calculating abilities (like a computer). These website games do not teach you how to think objectively and innovatively. In fact, in tests done in 2009 by Dr. Adrian Owen of the Medical Research Council, University of Cambridge, and Professor Clive Ballard, director of research for the Alzheimer’s Society, have shown little to no difference in the increase of intelligence transferred to other brain skills from these popular website games.

Inspiration is like money you find on the street. It’s great when you find it, but you can’t depend on it. That is until now. When a person is inspired, they have a natural increase of serotonin and endorphins, but Elliot’s Holographic Thinking process creates the reverse engineering of the conditions for inspiration. You can now induce and increase serotonin and endorphin out put on demand through his games. This means you have control over your occurrences of creativity and inspiration. Holographic Thinking has the potential to be a real game changer in education and in our everyday lives.

Elliot has lectured at:

The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Architecture School & Commencements The Golden Gate University, San Francisco, School of Business Channel Islands College The LED Conference, Los Angeles Convention Center Westlake Village Rotary Club Ventura County Business Bureau Las Vegas Screen Actors Guild He has also been a featured speaker on several radio shows.

To find out more, Elliot Laurence can be contacted at 818-813-5763,,

or his website:

Elliot has been giving interviews, public speaking events, private consultations and workshops for both the corporate community and facilitating personalgrowth retreats. His new book, In the Eye of Einstein, is available on his website and

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